We Sprouted! green graphic info cardWhen you support Rooted, you’re investing in our community’s long-term health. Like you, we believe we’re a stronger community when we’re all healthy.

The food we eat – and having access to healthy food – is the greatest determinant of long-term health. That’s why at Rooted, we’re helping Santa Barbara County eat to thrive and we’re committed to doing our work in partnership with healthcare practitioners and direct service organizations to grow health equity and resilience county-wide.

Your support of our mission will impact the health of families and individuals throughout our county for generations to come through plant-powered classes, resources, support, and health and food partnerships that meet our residents where they’re at, supported by their healthcare team and community organizations like the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, the Breast Cancer Resource Center, and more. When one person feels healthier and is empowered with knowledge and tools to take a leading role in their health, the health of their family and friends around them will grow too. Together, we can make meaningful lifestyle and behavioral changes that can lower instances of chronic disease and optimize health, grow a supportive environment, and change the intergenerational health of our families for the better.

Here’s a glimpse of what we accomplished this year:

Infografía: Brotamos 2021
Como una organización joven impulsada por voluntarios, es hora de que crezcamos.

Esperamos que se una a nosotros haciendo una donación de fin de año hoy para ayudarnos a abordar el importante año que tenemos por delante. Tenemos recursos, programas y asociaciones bilingües centrados en la comunidad en desarrollo y varios más listos para crecer. Su apoyo puede ayudarnos a impulsar nuestro trabajo, apoyando nuestra visión de personas sanas y comunidades fuertes.

Gráfico de cómo su apoyo ayudará a nuestra causa
Donations of every size make a meaningful difference – as does helping to spread the word! Do you know an individual, foundation or business who shares our passion for community health? Share this appeal and help us take strides in 2022 to ensure good health and bilingual, low-to-no cost, evidence-based nutrition and food skills education, and a network of support, is accessible to every community member countywide.

We’re so grateful for your support! Wishing you and yours a bright and healthy New Year.

Learn more about why and how our organization is building a bridge between food and health in our community by visiting our Invest in Community Health page.

Supporting Our Work – We’re currently an all-volunteer organization and we see incredible room and need to grow over the coming year. We understand that this time has enormous challenges for everyone, so while we’ll be seeking support to help roll our vision forward, we’re also thinking creatively to keep our costs low to efficiently build resources and deliver programming at low to no cost to our community. If you’d like to support our work, we hope you’ll consider making a donation to one of our giving programs through our community partner, the Santa Barbara Foundation!