Santa Barbara Foundation logo over a picture of downtown Santa Barbara looking toward the oceanRooted Santa Barbara is proud to be fiscally sponsored by the Santa Barbara Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization and champion of philanthropic efforts in our community.

The Santa Barbara Foundation is a catalyst for change with a vision to make our community a better place for generations to come – a value that we share. Rooted launched to fill a critical gap in local healthcare – preventive health through whole-food, plant-based nutrition. We empower members of our community to take a leading role in their health and aspire to shift the direction of healthcare from treatment-based to prevention-based self-care. Genes aren’t the only connective thread that we share within our families. Lifestyle habits – including the foods we choose to eat every day – also have a generational impact. Nutrition education and lifestyle support are vital. The healthier we are as individuals, the healthier our families are, and the stronger we are as a community.

The Santa Barbara Foundation approved Rooted for fiscal sponsorship in the Fall of 2019. As a fiscally sponsored organization, we operate under their 501c3. Through the Foundation, we can accept donations and grants while they provide financial services and oversight to help ensure a high degree of responsibility, integrity, transparency, and accountability for our developing organization. When you choose to support our work, donations can be made by credit card, check, grant, or stock directly to the Santa Barbara Foundation, earmarked for Rooted Santa Barbara!

We are incredibly grateful to launch with the Santa Barbara Foundation’s support and partnership. Our relationship has offered Rooted a unique opportunity to incubate, build partnerships, grow our community, and begin to fundraise while our initiative develops. We would like to take a grateful pause as we launch to share our heartfelt appreciation.

From the bottom of our plant-powered hearts – thank you, Santa Barbara Foundation!

To learn more about the Santa Barbara Foundation, please visit

To help us advance plant-based nutrition education in our community, please visit our donate page at the Santa Barbara Foundation at:

Supporting Our Work – We’re currently an all-volunteer organization and we see incredible room and need to grow over the coming year. We understand that this time has enormous challenges for everyone, so while we’ll be seeking support to help roll our vision forward, we’re also thinking creatively to keep our costs low to efficiently build resources and deliver programming at low to no cost to our community. If you’d like to support our work, we hope you’ll consider making a donation to one of our giving programs through our community partner, the Santa Barbara Foundation!