2022 Annual Snapshot - Look back & Look forwardSince 2020, Rooted has been mobilizing an impressive network of nutrition education programming, resources and partnerships to grow health equity and resilience through whole food plant-based nutrition education and support.

As we round out an exciting year of growth, here’s a snapshot of what we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed with key milestones, programs, and partnerships completed to date and under development. These initiatives are helping residents understand the health benefits of incorporating more whole plant foods into their meals and learn how increasing these foods can often improve their health and decrease food spending, medical bills, weight, sick days, mental health strain, and more. With your support, we’re making great progress and we’re ready to keep going!

Here’s a glimpse of how far we’ve come and where we’re headed:

Map of Milestones 2022 - 2019 - 20224

Thank you to our team members, volunteers, donors and partners who have made all this work possible! Cheers to you! It take’s a community to make change happen and you’re making a meaningful difference investing in our community’s health. We look forward to continuing to grow together in 2023!

Learn more about why and how our organization is building a bridge between food and health in our community by visiting our Invest in Community Health page.

Donations of every size make a meaningful difference – as does helping to spread the word! Do you know an individual, foundation or business who shares our passion for community health? Share this post and help us take strides in 2023 to ensure good health and bilingual, low-to-no cost, evidence-based nutrition and food skills education, and a network of support, is accessible to every community member countywide.

Supporting Our Work - We’re currently an all-volunteer organization and we see incredible room and need to grow over the coming year. We understand that this time has enormous challenges for everyone, so while we’ll be seeking support to help roll our vision forward, we’re also thinking creatively to keep our costs low to efficiently build resources and deliver programming at low to no cost to our community. If you’d like to support our work, we hope you’ll consider making a donation to one of our giving programs through our community partner, the Santa Barbara Foundation!