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Rooted Santa Barbara County Online Learning Classes

Rooted Santa Barbara County is proud to support our community through a series of online learning opportunities, including our Eat to Thrive Jump Start Series, our Rooted in the Kitchen Series, and our collaboration with the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara classes.

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Jump Start 1 - Eat to Thrive

Getting Started!

A 10-day program to help you eat more foods that support your health.

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Rooted in the Kitchen Classes

Our library of recorded classes on the basics of plant-forward eating and how to get started.

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Breast Cancer Resource Center Classes

A series of fun and delicious opportunities to learn about plant-based cooking and its many benefits

Eat Your Way to Better Health!

Download our nutrition basics one-sheets to talk with your patients about the opportunity for vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and nuts and seeds to benefit health and simple ways to get started in eating more plant-based foods.

Eat Your Way to Better Health One Sheets

Seed funding for Online Learning generously provided our friends at Mosher Foundation.

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