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Free Lifestyle Medicine Continuing Education for
Santa Barbara County Healthcare Providers

Rooted Santa Barbara County proudly offers a unique and free CME/CE opportunity from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) to Santa Barbara County clinicians and staff. Take advantage of a new course bundle that provides a foundational, evidence-based introduction to the field of lifestyle medicine with a focus on nutrition, often the most complex behavior to change, as a way to prevent and treat chronic disease.

This course bundle consists of three modules, four presentations and 5.5 hours of CME/CE content. Below is an outline for the course:

Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine module (1 hour)
Food as Medicine: Nutrition for Prevention and Longevity module (3 hours)
Food as Medicine: Nutrition for Treatment and Risk Reduction module (1.5 hours)

Registration is open now!

This complimentary course is provided by ACLM to our community as a way to educate healthcare providers on patient-centered, high-value, and outcome-oriented care.

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Lifestyle medicine can address up to 80% of chronic diseases. A lifestyle medicine approach to population care has the potential to arrest the decades-long rise in the prevalence of chronic conditions and their burdensome costs.  Patient and provider satisfaction often results from a lifestyle medicine approach, which strongly aligns the field with the Quintuple Aim of better health outcomes, lower cost, improved patient satisfaction, improved provider well-being, and advancement of health equity, in addition to its alignment with planetary health. Lifestyle medicine is the foundation for a redesigned, value-based and equitable healthcare delivery system, leading to whole person health.   

Eat Your Way to Better Health!


Download our nutrition and healthy living resources from Rooted Santa Barbara County and our national partner the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM). These valuable resources can support you as you talk with your patients about the opportunity for daily habits and eating patterns emphasizing vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and nuts and seeds to benefit health and simple ways to get started in eating more plant-based foods.

Colorful prepared vegetarian meals in three containers

Plant-based Guides for Your Patients and Clients

How do you start discussing plant-based nutrition with your patients, particularly when you only have a limited amount of time? Following are a range of free and low-cost materials to support your patient-centered conversations and support them on their journey to eating plant-based. 

Digital tools for medicine - a doctor's hands hold a smart device

Tools to Support You

Building your confidence in the science of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine can help you bring this critical lifestyle option to your patient community. We’ve gathered a range of healthcare provider-focused resources to help you expand your plant-forward nutrition knowledge base and grow a prevention-centered practice.

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Continuing Education + Lifestyle Medicine

Prevention-centered healthcare communities and education opportunities are growing. Following you’ll find a growing list of associations and educational opportunities to stay connected to the growing science and engage with like-minded healthcare professionals. 

More on the practical application of plant-based nutrition for healthcare providers is being published in peer-reviewed publications. Here are a few recently published articles on incorporating plant-based nutrition into your practice:

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