Our Mission + Vision

Our Mission

We’re mobilizing Santa Barbara County to grow health equity and resilience through whole food plant-based nutrition education and support.

Our Vision

A community that fosters generations of vibrant, healthy families.

Rooted Santa Barbara County is a community-centered plant-based lifestyle initiative that believes optimal health is rooted in prevention. We empower members of our community to take a leading role in their own health and aspire to shift the direction of healthcare from treatment-based to prevention-based self-care. The healthier we are as individuals, the stronger we are as a community.

A woman's hands holding zucchiniOur organization provides the tools, resources, and support needed to encourage healthy, plant-centered lifestyles through low- to no-cost education on whole-food, plant-based nutrition and food skills with a network of community support. We also lead special initiatives for local healthcare providers, government and nonprofit organizations, community groups, educational institutions, and businesses.

Our goal is to improve the community’s long-term health, vitality and collective access to and enjoyment of healthy, whole foods. We are rooting for a healthy future for the entire Santa Barbara community!

Rooted Santa Barbara County is a fiscally sponsored program of the Santa Barbara Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.