Rooted Santa Barbara County is ready to help you learn the basics of nutrition and healthy, whole food, plant-centered eating, food prep skills to make eating more plants easy and enjoyable, and find community by enjoying plant-based foods together. Following is our programming vision that we’re working towards – we’re just getting started!

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Learn the Basics

Local individuals and families are invited to learn the basics of plant-based nutrition and the impact of food choices on health. We offer a simple and easy-to-follow approach with a range of tools to help you get started:

  • Nutrition education and re-education
  • Recipes to replicate at home
  • Tools to help you get started
  • Access to the “Root for You” Collaborative Network: Partnerships with community organizations to bring low- to no-cost nutritional basics, food skills, and locally grown produce to critical communities.
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Network and Get Support

Plant-based eating should be easy, fun, and delicious! Local community members are encouraged with a network of support and opportunities to help in maintain and enjoy their new, healthy lifestyle. To create an ongoing network for continued learning and accountability, we provide access to:

  • In-person and online cooking demos
  • Workshops to help grow knowledge and lifestyle skills
  • Online resources and support
  • Health Kickstart programs
  • Special events & speaker series
  • Community campaigns
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Professional Network to Expand and Share

Local health care providers are supported as they spread the message about the benefits and nutritional value of a plant-centric lifestyle in the community. To promote a preventative approach to good health that generally results in reduced medical spending and the need for fewer prescriptions, we offer:

  • Access to continuing education opportunities and peer-reviewed studies
  • Participation in a community of like-minded caregivers
  • Printed materials and resources to share during consultations and office visits
  • Become a member of our Spreading Roots community of local healthcare, nutrition, and wellness practitioners and help us grow plant-based opportunities locally. Details on our Donate page or contact us for more information!