Resources for Getting Started

Whether you’re just getting started on your whole-food plant-based journey or you’re looking to enhance your knowledge, it can be tough to sort through the noise on the internet. That’s why we’ve collected some of our favorite resources here to help take the pressure off!

Getting Started - fresh berries and bananas in a breakfast bowl with almond milk

Getting Started

So you’re ready to eat more plants! Where do you start? Here are a few great tools we love to help you get a jump start on plant-centered eating.

Nutrition Basics - two hands holding vibrantly colored  vegetables


A whole-food, plant-based diet is one of the most effective tools we have for feeling our best and reducing our risk for a range of chronic lifestyle-related diseases. Here are a few of our favorite nutrition resources to help you learn more about the power of plant-based foods.

Prepping Your Vegetables - two hands cut yellow and red peppers on a cutting board

Prepping Your Plants

Preparing plant-based foods is easier and more enjoyable than you may think! Here are a few free and low-cost online resources that can help you build your cooking confidence and prep your plants!


Let's Get Specific - sliced oranges and lemons

Let’s Get Specific

Eating more plants can help us feel better and promote longevity – but how can plant-based eating impact specific diseases and conditions that you may have on your mind? Following are some evidence-based resources that examine the science around plant-based eating and a range of the most common chronic lifestyle diseases.


Plant-powered Go-tos - a stack of books

Plant-Powered Go-Tos

Films and books can provide inspiration for launching forward your plant-powered journey. Following are several resources that can give you a quick or more in-depth introduction to the science around plant-based eating.


Eating for the Environment - arugula sprouts

Eating for the Environment

Closely intertwined with human health is the health of our planet. Did you know that whole food, plant-based eating is also one of the most powerful tools we have in promoting environmental sustainability and combatting climate change? Here are some resources to help you learn more.