Amanda Scott MD

Amanda Scott MD, Photo credit: Willa Kveta

By Amanda Scott MD

Hello!  My name is Amanda Scott and I’m an Internal Medicine physician.  I’ve been practicing primary care in Santa Barbara for over a decade.  During that time, I have built a successful practice and am proud of my professional accomplishments.  But, I always felt like there was something missing. . . Maybe medicine just wasn’t for me? 

To better understand my personal and professional goals, I started working with Dr. Karen Barnard, a physician career coach, who took me through a process of self-discovery.  This process took me back to my childhood and guided me into the future.  Her goal was to help me align my career with who I am and what brings me joy. And through this process, I discovered Lifestyle Medicine (LM).  When I came across the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) website, I felt like I was coming home.  ACLM provides education and support for providers practicing LM.  Lifestyle Medicine has six guiding pillars including developing a nutrition plan, facilitating exercise and physical movement, helping manage stress and improve sleep. Additionally, LM providers facilitate social connection and reduction of risky substance use, including alcohol and tobacco. This approach is positive and encouraging, focusing on overall wellness.

I instantly fell in love with this empowering approach to health; we all have the capacity in our daily lives to feel better and live a healthier life through making simple lifestyle changes. These are simple changes to make, but are generally overlooked in modern medicine.  In LM, physicians are trained to work with patients as a coach, making sure the patient is driving the change. As medical experts, we guide and facilitate patients using an evidence based, whole-person approach to prevent and treat diseases through lifestyle interventions.

As I entered this exciting new phase of my career, I have started to connect with those in Santa Barbara who have similar beliefs.  It is through these connections that I was introduced to Rooted SB County and am proud to be joining their advisory board.  Through further work locally, I hope to spread the knowledge and joy I have found in this field. I am so inspired by LM that later this year I will open my own practice called Santa Barbara Lifestyle Medicine, a place where joy and medicine meet, and where I can help others in their quest for life fulfillment and health.

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